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The Plan being re-discussed in public  -  6

The wastes remaining after the flood  -  8

The Waste of the Month


The present European legislation and the situation in the CR  -  10

The use of metals from electrical and electronic wastes  -  10
Will the electronic waste be more extensively utilised also in the CR?

Taking back of portable batteries in the CR  -  11
Taking back of batteries and accumulators, as arranged abroad and in the Czech Republic. The introduction of the ECOBAT System.

Mobile (cellular) telephones as the source of secondary materials  -  14
As a result of a private initiative, an analysis of various types of mobile telephones has been performed from the viewpoint of material composition.


Waste derived energy for the lime works  -  15
A device has been developed and started up transforming an alternative fuel from wastes into the producer gas which is then used to heat the shaft furnace of the lime works in the town of Prachovice.

Science and Research

The Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Agronomy, Institute of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Technology  -  16
A background of a scientific centre.

Reasearch and development in the field of waste management in the Czech Republic  -  18


The new Act on Air Pollution Control, from the viewpoint of waste management   -  22
The consequences of the new Act on Air Pollution Control for waste handling. A survey of the implementing provisions.

Taking back of the products  -  25
A contribution to the discussion on the obligatory zpetnem odberu of the refrigerators and other products and on their further processing.

The analysis of the wastes from the viewpoint of the new legal regulations  -  27
ZAct No. 185/2001 Coll. on wastes and its implementing provisions brought about many new factors to the technical practice. It affects also the testing of the chemical and microbiological composition of the wastes, as well as the laboratory evaluation of their properties.

Regional Conceptions

Waste-management conceptions for the Region of Zlín and the Region of Vysoèina  -  24
The processing of the base documents is in its final stage.

The regional waste centre of the Region of Ústí nad Labem   -  26
One of the tangible results of the Conception of Waste Management of the Region of Ústí nad Labem is the establishment of the local Regional Waste Management Centre. Its role will consist in, among others, coordination of waste management and information support for all subjects that participate in the system of waste management in that Region.


Readers' opinions  -  29
Two views of incineration plants.

State Environmental Fund of the CR - The use of the Governmental Flood Account  -  30

Calendar   -  31

Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals  -  32