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IFAT 2002  -  3

Great SAKO Prize, the third time  -  6

Envicongress and the exhibition  -  7

Conclusions and recommendations resulted from the 2nd Annual International Conference ODPADY 21  -  8

State Environmental Fund - a glance back at the ENVI  -  29

Waste of the Month

Packaging made of wastes  -  10

The Act on Packaging - what does it regulate?  -  10
The Act, as seen by a licensed company.

The Act on Packaging and returnable/deposit packaging  -  12
Interpretation of a part of the Act and the implementing regulations.

Frequently asked questions about the regulations on packaging   -  14
Questions and answers from the web pages of the EKO-KOM a. s.

Frequently asked questions about the Act on Packaging  -  17
Selected announcements of the Ministry of Industry and Trade: What is packaging and what is not.

Some terms, undefined in the Act on Packaging  -  18
Who is "Consumer" and what is "Enterprise".

Green Point, as applied in our country and in Germany  -  19
Producers and importers wishing to use the Green Point on their packaging are obligated, when exporting to Germany, to conclude a contract with the Duales System Deutschland AG. In the Czech Republic, this company is represented by the Czech-German Chamber of Trade and Industry.

PRO EUROPE = Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe  -  20
Who is denoted as the PRO EUROPE and who is authorised to use the Green Point sign.

An inquiry: What is the range of force of the Act on Packaging  -  20

Science and Research

A background of a scientific centre - The J. E. Purkynì University in Ústí nad Labem, Faculty of Environment  -  21

Recycling of the blast-furnace and steelworks fly ashes  -  22
Three processes are suggested for the recovery of iron and possibly also zinc from old and new blast-furnace and steelworks sludge.

Regional Conceptions

Concepts of waste management in the Liberec Region  -  26
The analytical part of the concept has been completed.


10th International Congress and Exhibition ODPADY - LUHAÈOVICE 2002  -  25
The most important domestic waste managers' event celebrates its anniversary.

Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals   -  28

Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management  -  30