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Arrangement of the Waste Management Plan of the Czech Republic  -  6

The first Czech plasma unit will be located in Moravia  -  7


Odpady a obce s rozšíøenou pùsobností  -  8

Waste of the Month

Car wrecks    

Intentions of the upcoming amendment to the Act on Waste Management  -  10
Basic principles of the bill concerning the deletion of vehicles from registration, handling the car wrecks, obligations of car manufacturers, duties of both licensed and individual car importers, scope of powers of public administration, and regulation measures.

Vehicles with expired service life - next round of finding the solution  -  12
Car-wreck handling: Critical assessment of the present state and outlook..

Automobiles: An important item in the scientific and research project Programmes of Recycling  -  13

Removing the operation liquids from car wrecks  -  14
Most liquids remaining in discarded cars represent hazardous waste. A special technique is applied to remove them.


Hazardous wastes

OECD's environmental outlook up to 2020  -  16

An assessment of hazardous properties of wastes  -  17
Authorised person's comments on the new legislative regulation.

Collection of waste mineral oils  -  18
Collection of waste oils is getting started at petrol stations. Changes are being prepared concerning waste-oil regulations and obligations of contracting parties for liability transfer to another individual.

Hazardous municipal wastes - a system of handling, as being practised in the town of Ústí nad Labem  -  20
Experience with hazardous wastes, as being collected from citizens. Collection and recycling of refrigerators.

Science and Research

The Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Agronomy, Institute of Landscape Ecology - a background of a scientific centre  -  23

Regional Conceptions

A plan of waste management in the region of Karlovy Vary - experience with administration  -  27
Information backup of waste management, technologies for waste disposal, financial sources.


Wastes, their utilisation and disposal, an advanced study  -  26

State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic - Regional concepts of waste handling  -  29

A bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management  -  29

10th Annual International Congress and Exhibition ODPADY LUHAÈOVICE 2002   -  30
Current programme. Attractive items of the congress and exhibition. Official partners. Panel discussions.

Presentations of Companies

ECO CITY - a fair devoted to environment and energy saving  -  15
An invitation to a newly outlined fair to be held on February 6 to 8, 2003, in Prague-Letòany.

Praktik Recyklace  -  22
Recycling of the refrigerators in the town of Liberec.

Back withdrawal of products - how to manage it?  -  22
Association of Waste Producers and Waste-Handling Subjects will ensure the fulfilment of the obligation to withdraw the refrigerators.