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The first round of receiving the projects to Operational Programme Infrastructure: Terminated
Vienna is preparing a fair devoted to the environment - how to solve the international problems

Waste of the Month
Discarded cars
How to get on with the recycling the car wrecks
A manual: waste-production prevention and minimisation when handling the car wrecks
Experience with the processing of car wrecks gained after the Act No. 188/2004 Coll. has come into effect
Scrap yards as contaminated sites
Car-wreck handling, as seen by an individual licensed to operate the facility

Topic of the Month
Energy recovery from wastes
A role of energy recovery from wastes in the Czech Republic
Alternative fuels in cement works Alternative fuels from mechano-biological processing of municipal waste. Possibilities and limits of application
The largest Austrian facility for the biomass production
Utilization of meat and bonemeal
Is the energy recovery of alternative fuels in conflict with environment protection?
Each scale can be utilised
Certification of alternative fuels
The pellet technology and the market trends in Europe
An alternative fuel based on biomass and the sludge from the sewage treatment plants
The first operational year of production of solid alternative fuel in the town of Mýto
Energy recovery from wastes

The Eco T Systém a.s. company presentation.
Performance of the TERMIZO a.s. incineration facility for the municipal waste during the first term of 2004
Company presentation.

Transboundary shipment of wastes after the joining the EU
New role of the customs. How will they keep files of the goods and wastes shipment?
Tools of the waste management

From the Eu
Valpak and the tokens for waste packaging utilisation
Packaging Waste Recovery Note (PRN): A British system which is one of the most effective systems to meet the EU directive.
News from EU
The changes of directives and decisions concerning the vehicles with expired service life.

Science and Research
Subsiding of the landfills for municipal wastes
Predictions of the landfill subsiding enable one to heighten the landfill level by as much as several meters.

Information server for wastes
WASTE - an Internet Journal specialised in waste management
Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals
A public inquiry by the Odpadové Fórum Journal

Contents of the issues No. 7, 8, and 9/2004.
Subscription of the Odpadové Fórum Journal for 2004/2005
Ordering coupon.

Company Presentation
Termination of the operation of the subaquatic landfill and the subsequent care
A presentation by Abfallwirtschaft GmbH Halle-Lochau (D).