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The Senate on the regional plans 6
Containers for worn-out clothing 7
Pollutec 2003 8

Waste of the Month
PVC-containing wastes 10
Excerpts from the Implementation Plan of the CR for PVC and PVC-containing Wastes 10
Questions from the Green Paper 15
Implementation Plan answers the questions on environment issues of PVC, as put in the Green Paper.
A note on the Implementation Plan for PVC and PVC-containing Wastes 17
An alternative view.
Recycling user's PVC waste 18
Window frames, plastic tubing, and flooring: How can they be recycled. The Thermofix a Vinylloop technologies.
Two pieces of press news, two different approaches 22

Topic of the Month
Tools of managing
Tools to improve the material utilisation of the wastes 23
Sustainable waste management: Is it a matter of definition? 27

From the European Union
How to get at 2.5 billion Euro 30
Structural funds of the EU.
News from the EU 31
A change of the directive on waste electric and electronic devices.

Science and Research
Stabilisation/solidification of ashes and salts from incinerating plants using water/bitumen emulsions 32

Calendar 35
Excerpted from specialised periodicals 36