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New owner of RWE Umwelt, s.r.o., has introduced himself
New protected workshop for recycling electric waste
The ODPADY 21 Conference
The TOP 2004 International Conference

Saleable licenses in waste management
In Great Britain, trade in licenses is used to stimulate the recycling of the waste packaging and to reduce biologically degradable waste.
A bill of the amendatory Act on Wastes concerning electric waste, and its consequences
What is included in the amendment being just read in the Parliament.

Waste of the Month
Biologically degradable waste
Recommended ways of house-biowaste handling
Excerpted from the Implementation Programme for biologically degradable waste.
Exploration of the collection of sorted biowaste in housing estate
On a pilot project in the town of Jindøichùv Hradec.
Twelve years of biowaste collection, as practiced in Dessau
Experience from FRG.
Quality-inspection system
A survey of the state of monitoring the quality of composts in the EU countries.

Topic of the Month
Waste-gas purification
Smelling substances
Basic concepts.
Current technologies for removing the odour from waste gases
A survey of technologies.
A biological elimination of odour
Biological methods and a connection between the concentration of a smelling substance and the intensity of odour.

Science and Research
Application of the LCA study to the waste management. 4. A comparison of scenarios of the development till 2010
An assessment of the possible harmfulness of elements for the environment

From the EU
News from the EU
A regulation on persistent organic substances has been issued.

ODPADY LUHAÈOVICE 2004: 12th International Congress and Exhibition