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Processes of environment protection
Another PET-processing line
ODPADY - LUHAÈOVICE 2005:13th International Congress and Exhibition
The Ecomondo Rimini Fair 2005

Waste of the Month
Waste from natural disasters

Topic of the Month
Basic changes in the landfilling legislation
Landfills for other waste, as regulated by the new decree
A few notes on the new decree on wastes

The new legal form of landfilling brings some problems.
Integrated licencing of landfills
With respect to the terms and the duration of administrative procedures, it is high time to initiate intensive preparations of the application.
Inspection activities and landfills
Activities of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, regional inspectorate in the city of Hradec Králové.

Science and Research
The preparation of batch for the waste incineration plant and the production of alternative fuel
Computer-controlled system.
Utilisation of side-products of brown-coal mining for the remediation of environmental damages
Oxyhumolites, humic substances and permeable reactive walls.

From the EU
News from the EU

Waste Handling
Will EVERGREEN really be green all time or will it fade soon?
Hesitation about the new technology.
Electric power and heat from the scrap
Description of the technology of the biggest German facility for the processing of scrap and expired food by anaerobic fermentation.

WAREC: A new "waste" fair in Prague
The ENVIBRNO fair changes its date and joins
Purer-production projects and small and middle-size enterprises
Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals

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