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The EKOFÓR contest
Wastes or products
Collecting points system in Upper Austria

Waste of the Month
Wastes from energy industry
Wastes from incineration

Properties and utilisation possibilities of three main kinds of "energy-industry by-products": fly ash, scoria, and smoke-gas desulphurisation products.
Energy-industry by-products in the ÈEZ, a.s.
Development of the production and the strategy of the company.
Waste from energy industry
From wastes to energy-industry by-products. Characteristics and examples of use.
Sedimentation basin
Register of sedimentation basins. Operating log and operation. Continuous trial operation.

Topic of the Month
Terminology and definition
Basic concepts and definitions. Concepts not given explicitly by law. Legal and technical standards. Information sources used. What concepts should better not be used. Index.
Wastes and products
The product may become a waste and the waste may become a product, without regard to the level of its processing.

Another "refreshed" notice of the Ministry of Environment: No. 41/2005 Coll.
The alteration of the ministerial notice No. 383/2004 Coll. concerns mainly land-filling, car wrecks and producer's waste management plan.
State environmental policy and waste management between 1995 and 2004
A recapitulation at the occasion of the10th anniversary.
A method of the calculation of the amount of biologically degradable municipal wastes
A modified description of the calculation with examples.

Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management
Legal aspects of the relation between a company and a complainant
How (not) to proceed during a plea.
The IFAT 2005 Fair in Munich, Germany, focuses on new, progressive topics
An invitation to a fair to be held in April in Munich, Germany.
Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals

A survey of articles from selected foreign journals.