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The Enviro 2005 Conference
Meeting of the municipal services at the Hrubá Skála Castle
The IFAT 2005 Fair
Cooperation or waste hunt?

Waste of the Month
Waste and Agriculture
Utilisation of wastes in agriculture

Sludges from the sewage treatment plants. Sediments. Bonemeat. Sludge-digestion gases from the production of biogas.
Compost: A common interest of waste managers and farmers
Composting should generate quality products rather than just treat wastes.
Emissions from biomass incineration
Muck: A waste of an organic fertiliser?

Animal faeces is mainly a fertiliser, only a small part of it is waste.
Agriculture, wastes and statistics
How to keep files of wastes and agricultural side-products.
Information system for composting
Database of subjects, devices, and machinery, exchange market, encyclopaedia, expert system.
Technology for composting the agricultural wastes
A list of the types of power sources, grinders, chip mills, diggers, sieves and other equipment.
The biggest facility for biogas production

Topic of the Month
Collection and transport of wastes
Single stream: a new prospect or a blind alley?

Common collection of all utilisable components of municipal waste into one container.
Sorting lines for single stream
Single stream which is popular in the U.S.A. appears also in Europe.
Complete utilisation of waste
Double-container system in the town of Ústí nad Labem

Experience from ten years of operation
Is it more advantageous to collect utilisable components into bags or into containers?
In long view, the collection into containers is cheaper. When is it suitable to collect into bags?
Collection yards and wastes (and citizens)
Legal status of the collection points is questionable and needs a change.
Waste collection yard system in Upper Austria
Knowledge gained during a visit.
Transport of wastes: What will be the next step?
Rich assortment - reliable service - satisfied customer

Company presentation of Farid Commercia, s. r. o.
Accreditation in the EKO-KOM system
A licensed packaging company introduces accreditation of waste-managing companies. Company presentation of EKO-KOM, a. s.

Management Do we need "sustainable" waste management?
Discussion on the frequently used term.

From the EU News from the EU

What's new in the Pražské služby (Prague Services), a. s.
An interview to the new general director.
Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals