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The RECYCLING 2005 Conference
The conference entitled Hazardous Substances and Wastes

Waste of the Month
Construction and demolition wastes
Present state and future development of construction and demolition wastes

Conclusion of the SWOT analysis. Measures proposed. A system to assess properties of recycled materials. An analysis of the production of wastes and recycled materials. An outlook of future development.
Technology of construction and demolition waste recycling
Possibilities of utilisation
Utilisation of recycled EPS for construction insulations

Recycling of foam polystyrene. Prevention of formation of commingled construction waste.
Asbestos as a cause of health hazard
Limitation of health hazard. Waste handling. A threat of unqualified manipulation.
A survey of construction materials containing azbestos

Topic of the Month
Taking back
Basic duties. Results in 2002 and 2003. Open-ended questions.
Answers to some questions about taking back
What's new and what are the upcoming changes.
Taking back of products, as seen by the Czech Environmental Inspection
Taking back of portable batteries, two years after
Taking back of refrigerators: A pilot project

Transboundary transportation of wastes after the accession to the EU
Complications brought by some new member states of the EU. New role of the customs offices.
A database of technologies for waste treatment

From the EU
News from the EU
Thematic strategy of prevention and recycling of wastes. Titanium oxide: Re examination and simplification.
Where did the international co-operation go?
On the ISWA international association.
Specialised journal entitled Waste Management World
Annotation of contributions from two issues of the membership ISWA journal.

Science and Research
The risk of the soil contamination by cadmium when applying sewage sludges
Experiments performed during the biomass production.

11th International water-management exhibition VODOVODY-KANALIZACE 2005
13th International congress and exhibition ODPADY LUHAÈOVICE 2005
Bulletin of the Association for Waste Certification

Some more companies obtained certification.
A conference on biodegradable wastes
The Odpady 21 conference