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12th International Congress and Exhibition ODPADY - LUHACOVICE 2004
Car wreckage handling 2004
Current questions related to landfill management

Waste of the Month
Waste in health care
Excerpted from the Implementation Programme
Health-care wastes in Central Bohemia Region
Collection of wastes from the health-care facilities
Waste handling in the Faculty Hospital of Brno

Waste producers' plan of the waste management
System of planning in the field of waste management of the Czech Republic
Waste producers' plan of the waste management
Municipal plans of waste management in the light of the seminar

From the EU
Establishing the EVGE
European Association of Companies for Certification "Specialised Enterprise for Waste Handling".
News from the European Union

WASTE - a specialised Internet journal devoted to waste management
Czech Association for Waste Management commenting the inflation in waste management
Lack of quality projects for wastes
The Bulletin of the Czech Association for Waste Management
Excerpted from foreign periodicals
Index 2004

Subject and author indices and a survey of advertisers in 2004