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Waste is a part of material stream
Waste management information system and predicability of data
Programs of implementation in CR
Regional waste management plans
Are we ready to draw resources from EU structural funds in the area of waste management?
Czech Environmental Inspection in the year 2003. Warnings following the inspection control results
Assistance from resources of State Environmental Fund of CR
Are there sheet lightings?
Present situation on the secondary raw material market
Present Center for Waste Management (CeHO)
Changes in Association of Beneficial Public Services
Take-back of selected products and legal persons with shared responsibilities
Professional associations in waste management
New and prepared EC legislation
Up-to-date summary of main legal amendments to legal regulations
Waste management standards
Foreign periodical on the Internet
Czech and Moravian Electrical and Electronic Association (ELA)

Science and Research
Expert's information sources in waste management and results of quality assessment
Projects from the database "Central Project Research and Development Evidence"
Diploma works with thematic orientation on the waste management
Distant training programme "ODPADAR"
New portal for further education and training in the area of waste management

Amending act on WEEE in the Parliament
Decrees in observation procedure
Training in the lifetime education - Waste recovery and disposal
Municipality plans for waste management